BUGS Do not touch the feed belt. Troubleshooting Removing Paper Jammed in the Duplex Unit Follow the procedure below to remove paper jammed in the duplex unit. Network Interface Error An error in the Ethernet port network function has occurred. Performing Maintenance using the Control Panel Maintenance Menu Press the [ ] or [ ] key to select a paper type, and then press the [ Enter] key. Page 61 Connecting the Computer and Installing the Software Network Connection Specifying Settings on the Control Panel Make the following network settings according to the network interface you are using.

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Setting Up the Hardware Plug the power cord fully d5550n the wall outlet. Page Making Printer Settings Using e5550m Control Panel Making Printer Settings Using the Gelsprintsr Panel This section explains how to change the default settings of the printer and provides information about the gelsprinter gx e5550n included in each menu.

The following table shows the control panel settings and their default values. The error is cleared when the following occur: The illustrations shown here might not Nakamagome 1-chome, match your model exactly. Paper Feed Unit Tk 1. Specifying Settings On [accessories] Tab, Conditions For Gelsprinter gx e5550n Communication, If Bidirectional Communication Is Disabled Specifying Settings on [Accessories] Tab Specifying Settings on [Accessories] Tab If the printer and computer are not configured for bidirectional communication, open the printer driver and specify the optional units attached to the printer and the size and type of paper loaded in the printer.

The Extended Features Settings dialog box opens. Bypass tray Load paper here.


Page Electromagnetic Interference Electromagnetic Interference If another electronic device is placed next to the printer, gelsprinter gx e5550n will influence the other negatively. Maintenance Press the [ ] or [ ] key to display [Registration], and then press the [ Enter] key.

BPRS Check the cartridges’ orientation, and then install them gently. The implementation was written so as to conform with Netscapes SSL.

Possible Causes of Update Failure 1. The wrong file has been selected as the updater file. En – aficio gx color inkjet printerGelsprinter gx eGelsprinter gx en gelsprinter gx e5550n, Aficio gx en. Blank paper may gelsprinter gx e5550n delivered after printing resumes. Although the printer remains usable until the unit is completely full, contact gelsprintet sales or service representative as early as possible charge incurred.

Page Connecting the Computer and Installing the Software Network Connection Press the [ ] or [ ] key to enter the e5550n most entry field of the IP address, and then press the [ Enter] key. In the language list shown belowfind the language you require. Print Cartridge s Not Detected If options in the [Accessories] tab g disabled, bidirectional connection is enabled.

A confirmation message appears. Troubleshooting Cartridge Almost Empty One of the print cartridges is almost empty. Troubleshooting Uninstalling If software was installed incorrectly or incompletely, uninstall and then gelxprinter it.

Printer Toner Cartridges, Supplies and Parts by Ricoh Model

While squeezing the catch on the paper gelsprinter gx e5550n, slide the guide so it is positioned according to the paper size.

If you accept its terms, click [I accept the agreement. The printer driver installation starts Select whether or not to open the Status monitor automatically. Click the [Printer Configuration] tab. Page Canceling Printing from the Status Monitor Remove gelsprinter gx e5550n paper from the gelsprinter gx e5550n tray, fan it well, and tap it on a flat surface such as a desk to even the edges.

Troubleshooting Close the cover. The printer driver and User Guide are now installed. Preparing for Printing Press the [Power] key. Click [Network Printer], and then click [OK]. Top Cover Normally, keep gelsprinter gx e5550n cover closed. Power Cannot Be Turned Gelspeinter If the [Power] key gels;rinter not light or does not blink when it is pressed, check if there is something gz with the power cord or wall outlet.

Data In Indicator Guide to Components 4.

Ricoh Aficio GX e3300N User Manual

Close the left cover. Preparing for Printing Slide the tabs back gelsprinyer place to lock the paper tray extension into position. Wheel Use this to wind out paper that became jammed after being fed in from the bypass tray.

Paper Feed], and then press the [ Enter] key. Page Performing Maintenance using the Control Panel Maintenance Menu Performing Maintenance using the Control Panel Maintenance Menu Using the Maintenance menu, you can specify printer maintenance settings for adjusting settings gelsprinter gx e5550n as gradation and density. Page 10 In the [Utilities] folder, double-click the Terminal icon. Safety Information Gelsprinter gx e5550n using this machine, the following safety precautions should always be fol- lowed.

gelsprinter gx e5550n

Be sure to close all resident programs also. After selecting the paper type as required, switch the envelope selector to ” The gelsprinter gx e5550n license agreement appears in the [Software License Agreement] dialog box. The following message is displayed: